Wrath of the Beast
Outcast Quest Icon
Quest Info

Given by:



Fort Ikon Prison


The Outcast


Side Quest


Power of our Enemies


Secrets of the Lost


XP, Reputation

Wrath of the Beast is an Act 4 Faction side quest offered by Anasteria in the Fort Ikon Prison, after completing the Power of our Enemies quest.

Anasteria seeks to harness the power of the legendary Beronath in her sorcery, and to that end asks you to slay the beast Kalis Ka and return the creature's fang to her.


  • Acquire the Fang of the Bonehunter
  • Bring the Fang to Anasteria


Kalis Ka, the Bonehunter can be found atop Craig's Crags.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 14000 41000 77000
Reputation +1000 (The Outcast)
-200 (Black Legion)

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Anasteria has told you the legend of the great beast Beronath. While Beronath is long dead, its spawn still live. One of them, a fiend known as Kalis Ka, the Bonehunter dwells in an area near Burrwitch known as the East Marsh. Track down and slay this creature. Harvest one of the beast's fangs and deliver it to Anasteria at the Fort Ikon Prison.


  • Acquire the Fang of the Bonehunter
  • Bring the Fang to Anasteria

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