Wraith of Sorrows

The Wraith of Sorrows is a unique boss creature that can be found in The Bone Pit. Killing her is necessary to complete the A Stranger in Need quest. The Wraith of Sorrows has lived for centuries feasting on the life force of unfortunate souls.

Family: Undead

Genus: Haunted Noble

Abilities Edit

  • Ghostly Fireball Nova
  • Drain Spirit
  • Vitality Nova
  • Shadow Strike
  • Rime Fire

Notable Drops Edit

Old Notes Edit

*~. Monster Properties .~*

- The Wraith is a Ghostly Soldier with an unavoidable ranged life drain spell that will heal the Wraith for every pulse/tick (thankfully, there is a cooldown)

- It wants to cut you down up close and if you try to run, it will attempt to slow you down by casting cold circles and 2 sets of 360 degree projectiles (cold and blood)

- In addition, the Wraith likes to hide in the shadows from time to time to sneak up behind you

*~. Tips .~*

- This boss is a ghost type mob and thus, bleeding is not an effective means of damage dealing

- Use terrain to your advantage if you need cover from projectiles and avoid cold circles as they deal damage over time

- Having an invulnerability skill (such as Arcanist - Mirror of Ereoctes) is very helpful

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