Valdaran hd

Valdaran, the Storm Scourge is a Nemesis Spawn of the Aetherials Faction.

He is an Ultra Boss of Grim Dawn so the player must be prepared for that encounter.

Family: Aether Corruption

Genus: Dominator

Spawn Point Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Lightning Discharge
  • Lightning Orb
  • Lightning Surge
  • Lightning Orb Nova
  • Teleport Self
  • Teleport Swap
  • Enrage
  • Ring of Lightning
  • Electrified

Resistances Edit

  • Level 5 Hero/Boss Resistances
  • 50% Aether Resistance
  • 500% Reduced Knockdown Duration
  • 50% Lightning Resistance
  • 20% Physical Resistance
  • 20% Pierce Resistance

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