This page lists all Epic and Legendary Shoulder Armor in Grim Dawn.

EpicShoulder ArmorEdit

Level Req.
Razorback's Spined Mantle 19
Guardsman's Spaulders 22
Astral Mantle 23
Warlord's Spaulders 28
Brimstone Shoulderguard 30
Grenadier Shoulderguard 33
Mantle of the Weeping Eye 40
Shoulderguards of Perdition 40
Decorated Pauldrons 50
Praetorian Shoulderguard 50
Shellshock Epaulets 50
Alchemist's Mantle 58
Spaulders of Mogdrogen 65
Chillmane Mantle 66
Flame Keeper's Pauldrons 72
Callidor's Mantle 72
Amarastan Pauldrons 75
Dawnguard Epaulets 75
Mantle of the Patron 75
Shoulderguard of the Paragon 75
Unholy Mantle of the Covenant 75

Empowered Edit

Empowered Razorback's Spined Mantle 65
Empowered Guardsman's Spaulders 65
Empowered Astral Mantle 65
Empowered Brimstone Shoulderguard 65
Empowered Grenadier Shoulderguard 65
Empowered Shoulderguards of Perdition 65
Empowered Mantle of the Weeping Eye 75
Empowered Warlord's Spaulders 75

Legendary Shoulder ArmorEdit

Divinesteel Shoulderguard 50
Fateweaver's Mantle 50
Bloodfury Spaulders 58
Shadowflame Mantle 65
Titan Pauldrons 65
Beastcaller's Shoulderpads 68
Clairvoyant's Mantle 68
Dawnbreaker's Shoulderguard 68
Shoulderguards of Justice 68
Chilldread Mantle 75
Vileblood Mantle 75
Fiendflesh Mantle 75
Wildblood Mantle 65
Deathmarked Shoulderguard 75
Iskandra's Pauldrons 75
Mantle of Dreeg 75
Mantle of Mogdrogen 75
Markovian's Vanguard 75
Trozan's Mantle 75
Ultos' Spaulders 75
Ulzuin's Shoulderguard 75

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