This page lists all Epic and legendary Rings in Grim Dawn.

Epic Rings Edit

Level Req.
Bloodseal Item Bloodseal 10
Marrow Band Item Marrow Band 10
Obsidian Seal Item Obsidian Seal 15
Lorekeeper's Band Item Lorekeeper's Band 21
Band of Black Ice Item Band of Black Ice 21
Briarthorn Band Icon Briarthorn Band 21
Ring of Vile Intent Item Ring of Vile Intent 21
Twilight Signet Item Twilight Signet 28
Alkamos' Anguish Item Alkamos' Anguish 30
Alkamos' Dread Item Alkamos' Dread 30
Blackwatch Seal Item Blackwatch Seal 30
Quickening Gem Item Quickening Gem 30
Sentinel's Seal Item Sentinel's Seal 30
Ring of Eternal Rot Item Ring of Eternal Rot 35
Seal of the Blazing Inferno Item Seal of the Blazing Inferno 35
Lifebloom Band Icon Lifebloom Band 35
Aetherlord's Signet Item Aetherlord's Signet 40
Chillsurge Ring Item Chillsurge Ring 40
Goliath Signet Icon Goliath Signet 40
Menhir's Wisdom Item Apothecary's Wisdom 40
Starfire Item Starfire 40
Eternal Band Item Eternal Band 50
Jewel of the Royal Crown Item Jewel of the Royal Crown 50
Seal of the Royal Crown Item Seal of the Royal Crown 50
Left Hand of Carnage Item Left Hand of Carnage 50
Right Hand of Carnage Item Right Hand of Carnage 50
Ring of Valiance Item Ring of Valiance 58
Signet of Valiance Item Signet of Valiance 58
Alkamos' Anguish Item Alkamos' Agony 65
Alkamos' Dread Item Alkamos' Torment 65
Mutagenic Sigil Icon Mutagenic Sigil 65
Sigil of the Depraved Icon Sigil of the Depraved 68
Signet of the Damned Icon Signet of the Damned 68
Aetherstorm Seal Icon Aetherstorm Seal 70
Aetherstorm Sigil Icon Aetherstorm Sigil 70
Ruby of Elemental Balance Icon Ruby of Elemental Balance 70
Sapphire of Elemental Balance Icon Sapphire of Elemental Balance 70
Amarastan Sigil Icon Amarastan Sigil 75
Band of Wandering Souls Item Band of Wandering Souls 75
Oblitorix Item Oblitorix 75
Wildpact Emerald Icon Wildpact Emerald 75

Faction Edit

Chosen Flame Seal Icon Chosen Flame Seal 40
Chosen Storm Seal Icon Chosen Storm Seal 40
Devil's War Seal Icon Devil's War Seal 40
Devil's Wrath Seal Icon Devil's Wrath Seal 40
Death's Frost Seal Icon Death's Frost Seal 40
Death's Life Seal Icon Death's Life Seal 40
Harvest Blade Seal Icon Harvest Blade Seal 40
Harvest Venom Seal Icon Harvest Venom Seal 40
Legion Conjuration Seal Icon Legion Conjuration Seal 40
Legion War Seal Icon Legion War Seal 40
Rhowari Wrath Seal Icon Rhowari Wrath Seal 40
Rhowari Void Seal Icon Rhowari Void Seal 40

Empowered Edit

Band of Black Ice Item Empowered Band of Black Ice 58
Bloodseal Item Empowered Bloodseal 58
Marrow Band Item Empowered Marrow Band 58
Obsidian Seal Item Empowered Obsidian Seal 58
Menhir's Wisdom Item Empowered Apothecary's Wisdom 65
Blackwatch Seal Item Empowered Blackwatch Seal 65
Briarthorn Band Icon Empowered Briarthorn Band 65
Lifebloom Band Icon Empowered Lifebloom Band 65
Lorekeeper's Band Item Empowered Lorekeeper's Band 65
Seal of the Blazing Inferno Item Empowered Seal of the Blazing Inferno 65
Twilight Signet Item Empowered Twilight Signet 65
Aetherlord's Signet Item Empowered Aetherlord's Signet 75
Chillsurge Ring Item Empowered Chillsurge Ring 75
Eternal Band Item Empowered Eternal Band 75
Goliath Signet Icon Empowered Goliath Signet 75
Quickening Gem Item Empowered Quickening Gem 75
Ring of Vile Intent Item Empowered Ring of Vile Intent 75
Ring of Eternal Rot Item Empowered Ring of Eternal Rot 75
Sentinel's Seal Item Empowered Sentinel's Seal 75
Starfire Item Empowered Starfire 75

Legendary Rings Edit

Level Req.
Glyph of Kelphat'Zoth Icon Glyph of Kelphat'Zoth 58
Lifegiver Signet Icon Lifegiver Signet 58
Signet of the Fallen Icon Signet of the Fallen 58
Time-Flux Band Icon Time-Flux Band 58
Band of the Eternal Haunt Icon Band of the Eternal Haunt 65
Entropic Coil Icon Entropic Coil 65
Ring of the Black Matriarch Icon Ring of the Black Matriarch 65
Screams of the Aether Icon Screams of the Aether 65
Closed Fist of Vengeance Icon Closed Fist of Vengeance 68
Open Hand of Mercy Icon Open Hand of Mercy 68
Invoker's Burning Hand Icon Invoker's Burning Hand 68
Invoker's Shocking Touch Icon Invoker's Shocking Touch 68
Albrecht's Duality Icon Albrecht's Duality 75
Belgothian's Sigil Icon Belgothian's Sigil 75

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