This page lists all Epic and Legendary Medals in Grim Dawn.

Epic Medals Edit

Level Req.
Beast Slayer's Mark Item Beast Slayer's Mark 20
Crimson Heart Item Crimson Heart 20
Enchanter's Insignia Item Enchanter's Insignia 20
Badge of Tenacity Item Badge of Tenacity 25
Gutworm's Bloody Seal Icon Gutworm's Bloody Seal 25
Heretic's Sigil Item Heretic's Sigil 27
Insignia of Justice Item Insignia of Justice 27
Bloodreaper's Mark Item Bloodreaper's Mark 30
Combat Medic's Mark Item Combat Medic's Mark 37
Menhir's Sign Item Apothecary's Sign 40
Mark of the Templar Item Mark of the Templar 40
Tempest Sigil Item Tempest Sigil 40
Arcanum Sigil Item Arcanum Sigil 45
Badge of the Crimson Company Item Badge of the Crimson Company 50
Mark of the False Gods Item Mark of the False Gods 50
Mogdrogen Sigil Icon Mogdrogen Sigil 50
Illusionist's Mark Icon Illusionist's Mark 58
Ribbon of Valiance Item Ribbon of Valiance 58
Mark of the Nymph Icon Mark of the Nymph 65
Black Star of Deceit Icon Black Star of Deceit 66
Vanguard Star Item Vanguard Star 66
Myrmidon Revered Star Icon Myrmidon Revered Star 72
Unholy Sigil of the Covenant Item Unholy Sigil of the Covenant 72
Mark of Fierce Resolve Icon Mark of Fierce Resolve 75
Star of Frozen Skies Icon Star of Frozen Skies 75
Volcanum Icon Volcanum 75


Defiled Chosen Star Icon Defiled Chosen Star 40
Devil's Badge of Flame Icon Devil's Badge of Flame 40
Devil's Badge of Frost Icon Devil's Badge of Frost 40
Devil's Badge of Venom Icon Devil's Badge of Venom 40
Legion Mark of Blades Icon Legion Mark of Blades 40
Legion Mark of the Spellweaver Icon Legion Mark of the Spellweaver 40
Legion Mark of the Void Icon Legion Mark of the Void 40
Chosen Star of War Icon Chosen Star of War 40
Chosen Star of Thunder Icon Chosen Star of Thunder 40

Empowered Edit

Badge of Tenacity Item Empowered Badge of Tenacity 58
Beast Slayer's Mark Item Empowered Beast Slayer's Mark 58
Enchanter's Insignia Item Empowered Enchanter's Insignia 58
Menhir's Sign Item Empowered Apothecary's Sign 65
Bloodreaper's Mark Item Empowered Bloodreaper's Mark 65
Crimson Heart Item Empowered Crimson Heart 65
Gutworm's Bloody Seal Icon Empowered Gutworm's Bloody Seal 65
Insignia of Justice Item Empowered Insignia of Justice 65
Mark of the Templar Item Empowered Mark of the Templar 65
Arcanum Sigil Item Empowered Arcanum Sigil 75
Combat Medic's Mark Item Empowered Combat Medic's Mark 75
Heretic's Sigil Item Empowered Heretic's Sigil 75
Tempest Sigil Item Empowered Tempest Sigil 75

Legendary MedalsEdit

Badge of Mastery Icon Badge of Mastery 58
Mark of the Apostate Icon Mark of the Apostate 58
Pyroclasm Mark Icon Pyroclasm Mark 58
Sigil of the Bear King Icon Sigil of the Bear King 58
Blood Sigil of Ch'Thon Icon Blood Sigil of Ch'Thon 65
Direwolf Crest Icon Direwolf Crest 65
Markovian's Stratagem Icon Markovian's Stratagem 65
Undying Oath Icon Undying Oath 65
Beastcaller's Talisman Icon Beastcaller's Talisman 65
Mark of Anathema Icon Mark of Anathema 75
Mark of Dark Dreams Icon Mark of Dark Dreams 75
Mark of Divinity Icon Mark of Divinity 75

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