This page lists all Epic and Legendary Amulets in Grim Dawn.

Epic AmuletsEdit

Level Req.
Alazra's Ruby Item Alazra's Ruby 15
Amulet of the Eye Item Amulet of the Eye 15
Bladeward's Courage Item Bladeward's Courage 15
Bloodmoon Item Bloodmoon 19
Devil's Charm Item Devil's Charm 22
Locust Gem Icon Locust Gem 22
Stormcaller's Gem Item Stormcaller's Gem 24
Blightshard Amulet Item Blightshard Amulet 24
Maiven's Lens Item Maiven's Lens 25
Warmaster's Pride Item Warmaster's Pride 25
Warp Shard Item Warp Shard 28
Amulet of Scorched Earth Item Amulet of Scorched Earth 32
Frozen Core Item Frozen Core 32
Shieldmaiden's Guard Item Shieldmaiden's Guard 32
Spiritstone Charm Item Spiritstone Charm 33
Herald's Ward Item Herald's Ward 35
Shard of Menhir Item Shard of Menhir 35
Bramblewood Amulet Icon Bramblewood Amulet 40
Cerulean Shard Item Cerulean Shard 40
Death Ward Item Death Ward 40
Plaguemancer's Amulet Item Plaguemancer's Amulet 40
Wretched Necessity Item Wretched Necessity 45
Vortex Stone Item Vortex Stone 45
Essence of Beronath Item Essence of Beronath 46
Avarice of Androneus Item Avarice of Androneus 50
Bane of Nuram'Siin Icon Bane of Nuram'Siin 50
Lapis Lupus Item Lapis Lupus 50
Pendant of the Royal Crown Item Pendant of the Royal Crown 50
Pendant of Valiance Item Pendant of Valiance 58
Ancestral Ward Icon Ancestral Ward 65
Shard of Command Icon Shard of Command 65
Soul Pendant Icon Soul Pendant 65
Venomblade Amulet Icon Venomblade Amulet 65
Aetherstorm Amulet Icon Aetherstorm Amulet 72
Binding Emerald of Mogdrogen Icon Binding Emerald of Mogdrogen 72
Callidor's Shard Icon Callidor's Shard 72
Arcane Eclipse Icon Arcane Eclipse 75
Icetrap Icon Icetrap 75
Lapis Mantichora Icon Lapis Mantichora 75
Righteous Flame Icon Righteous Flame 75
Unseeing Eye of the Blind Assassin Item Unseeing Eye of the Blind Assassin 75


Grasp of the Reaper Icon Grasp of the Reaper 40
Harvester Stone Icon Harvester Stone 40
Pendant of Ubiquitous Wrath Icon Pendant of Ubiquitous Wrath 40
Rhowari Guardstone Icon Rhowari Guardstone 40
Rhowari Lifecaller Icon Rhowari Lifecaller 40
Rhowari Rancor Icon Rhowari Rancor 40
Solar Channelling Stone Icon Solar Channelling Stone 40
Thundering Gem Icon Thundering Gem 40
Voidcaller Pendant Icon Voidcaller Pendant 40

Empowered Edit

Alazra's Ruby Item Empowered Alazra's Ruby 58
Amulet of the Eye Item Empowered Amulet of the Eye 58
Cerulean Shard Item Empowered Cerulean Shard 58
Shard of Menhir Item Empowered Shard of Menhir 58
Spiritstone Charm Item Empowered Spiritstone Charm 58
Warmaster's Pride Item Empowered Warmaster's Pride 58
Amulet of Scorched Earth Item Empowered Amulet of Scorched Earth 65
Blightshard Amulet Item Empowered Blightshard Amulet 65
Bloodmoon Item Empowered Bloodmoon 65
Bramblewood Amulet Icon Empowered Bramblewood Amulet 65
Death Ward Item Empowered Death Ward 65
Frozen Core Item Empowered Frozen Core 65
Herald's Ward Item Empowered Herald's Ward 65
Locust Gem Icon Empowered Locust Gem 65
Maiven's Lens Item Empowered Maiven's Lens 65
Plaguemancer's Amulet Item Empowered Plaguemancer's Amulet 65
Stormcaller's Gem Item Empowered Stormcaller's Gem 65
Bladeward's Courage Item Empowered Bladeward's Courage 75
Devil's Charm Item Empowered Devil's Charm 75
Essence of Beronath Item Empowered Essence of Beronath 75
Shieldmaiden's Guard Item Empowered Shieldmaiden's Guard 75
Warp Shard Item Empowered Warp Shard 75
Wretched Necessity Item Empowered Wretched Necessity 75

Legendary Amulets Edit

Level Req.
Avatar of Mercy Icon Avatar of Mercy 58
Sovereign Ruby of Domination Icon Sovereign Ruby of Domination 58
Thread of Mortality Icon Thread of Mortality 58
Will of Bysmiel Icon Will of Bysmiel 58
Deathbound Amethyst Icon Deathbound Amethyst 65
Essence of the Grim Dawn Icon Essence of the Grim Dawn 65
The Peerless Eye of Beronath Icon The Peerless Eye of Beronath 65
Starfury Emerald Icon Starfury Emerald 65
Dawnbreaker's Beacon Icon Dawnbreaker's Beacon 65
Invoker's Shard Icon Invoker's Shard 65
Avenger of Cairn Icon Avenger of Cairn 75
Black Gem of Dreeg Icon Black Gem of Dreeg 75
Celestial Stone of Halakor Icon Celestial Stone of Halakor 75
Demonslayer's Defense Icon Demonslayer's Defense 75
Doombringer Icon Doombringer 75
Heart of Ulzuin Icon Heart of Ulzuin 75
Herald of the Apocalypse Icon Herald of the Apocalypse 75
Iskandra's Focusing Prism Icon Iskandra's Focusing Prism 75
Markovian's Distinction Icon Markovian's Distinction 75
Night's Embrace Icon Night's Embrace 75
Pestilence of Dreeg Icon Pestilence of Dreeg 75
Ultos' Gem Icon Ultos' Gem 75
Valdun's Bounty Icon Valdun's Bounty 75

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