Unholy Inscription Complete "Words of power from an ancient language that cannot be spoken by mortal men."

Unholy Inscription is a Rare component for use in Hand Armor.

Required player level: 15

Item level: 16

Stats Edit

1/4 +3% Vitality Damage
+3 Offensive Ability
2% Vitality Damage Resistance
2% Bleeding Resistance
2/4 +7% Vitality Damage
+7 Offensive Ability
3% Vitality Resistance
4% Bleeding Resistance
3/4 +11% Vitality Damage
+11 Offensive Ability
4% Vitality Resistance
6% Bleeding Resistance
4/4 +15% Vitality Damage
+15 Offensive Ability
10% Vitality Resistance
15% Bleeding Resistance

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