Ultos' Stormseeker is a Legendary two-handed axe, and is part of the Ultos' Storm item set.


Ultos' Stormseeker Icon

Ultos' Stormseeker

Legendary Two-Handed Axe
240-332 Physical Damage
Speed: Very Slow

4-52 Lightning Damage
+156% Lightning Damage
+156% Electrocute Damage
30% Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage
+18 Offensive Ability
+16% Attack Speed
+12% Skill Cooldown Reduction
+3 to Stormcaller's Pact

Granted Skills

Lightning Nova (15% Chance on Attack)
Lightning energy surges within you before erupting in deadly force.
1 Second Skill Recharge
4.8 Meter Radius
33% Weapon Damage
102-620 Lightning Damage

Required Player Level: 75
Required Physique: 552
Item Level: 75

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