Burrwitch Outskirts
Devil's Crossing


Quest Giver






Devil's Crossing

Gives Quest(s):

The Ironclad Chef
A Timely Arrival
Allies Among the Ashes
The Bane of Cairn

Ulgrim is initially found hiding out alone in the Burrwitch Outskirts, where he has been since the village fell to the Aetherials.

Choosing to help him to Devil's Crossing will grant the Ironclad Chef side quest, after which he will set up inside the prison as a cook, and will serve soup and tell stories.

Ulgrim eventually leaves Devil's Crossing for Homestead after the player discovers Elsa in the Barren Highlands. He is then encountered at Deadman's Gulch, where he has found some stranded refugees and is protecting them. No longer unarmed, Ulgrim reveals that he was the First Blade of the Emperor - the unofficially sanctioned assassin and spymaster of the Emperor who had authority to do things the Emperor openly couldn't.

Later discussions and the notes of Inquisitor Creed reveal that Ulgrim sought out Creed after assassinating the Emperor - at the Emperor's own orders, as he was possessed by an Aetherial. Together they decided to make contact with the Black Legion and form a resistance to the Aetherials.

On discovering the Cult of Ch'thon's plan to summon the Loghorrean , Ulgrim travels to Fort Ikon and later, with a small Black Legion contingent, to the Final Seal. There he fights alongside the player against the Loghorrean, and disappears into the Void midway through the battle, his fate unknown.

Creed's notes mention Ulgrim's name being of historical significance, and some of what Ulgrim says alludes to the possibility that he was there hundreds of years ago when the Loghorrean was first summoned.

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