Ulda'Jax is an Epic two-handed ranged weapon.


Ulda'Jax Icon


"A crude, yet surprisingly effective, weapon of the mountain wilds."
Epic Two-Handed Ranged
122-208 Physical Damage
50% Armor Piercing
Speed: Very Slow

+60% Cold Damage
+98% Lightning Damage
30% Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage
+12% Casting Speed
+1 to Raging Tempest
+1 to All Skills in Shaman

Granted Skills

Lightning Barrage (10% Chance on Attack)
Sparks of lightning erupt from you, damaging any enemies they come in contact with.
3 Second Skill Recharge
12 Projectiles
1.5 Meter Radius
36-404 Lightning Damage

Required Player Level: 58
Required Cunning: 424
Item Level: 58

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