The Adversary is a Legendary two-handed ranged weapon.


The Adversary Icon

The Adversary

Legendary Two-Handed Ranged
147-184 Physical Damage
24% Armor Piercing
Speed: Very Slow

+96% Physical Damage
+96% Fire Damage
+96% Internal Trauma Damage
+96% Burn Damage
12% Chance to Stun target for 1 Second
+4% Cunning
+50 Offensive Ability
+1 to all skills in Demolitionist
+1 to all skills in Soldier

Granted Skills

Trick Shot (Granted by Item)
With careful aim and a little bit of luck, you pull off an unbelievable shot that catches your target by surprise.
15% Chance to be Used
175% Weapon Damage
40% Slower target Movement for 5 Seconds
100 Reduced target's Offensive Ability for 5 Seconds
100 Reduced target's Defensive Ability for 5 Seconds

Required Player Level: 50
Required Cunning: 370
Item Level: 50

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