Targo the Builder
Targo the Builder Constellation Icon
Targo is the patron of craftsmen and architects, the god believed to have created the celestial tapestry upon which all stars now rest.

Affinity Required:

Order Icon   4Primordial Icon   6

Affinity Bonus:

Order Icon   1

Targo the Builder is a tier two Constellation, located at the right side of the devotion window.


1 +15 Defensive Ability
2 +6% health
3 Increases Armor by 8%
4 +8% Health
5 +400 Health
+20 Defensive Ability
6 Increases Armor by 8%
+20% Shield Damage Blocked
7 Shield Wall (33% on Attack)
Requires a Shield
Increases Armor by %
+% Shield Damage Blocked
% Damage Reflected

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