Tainted Blade of Nera'Val is an Epic one-handed Dagger.


Tainted Blade of Nera'Val Icon

Tainted Blade of Nera'Val

"Nera'Val was a medical practitioner obsessed with curing a deadly wasting disease. He infected and killed dozens of innocents in his mad pursuit and was hanged for his crimes."
Epic One-Handed Dagger
20-34 Acid Damage
Speed: Very Fast

100 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
+22% Acid Damage
+64% Poison Damage
+17% Casting Speed
+2 to Blood Burst
+1 to Wasting

Granted Skills

Bloody Pox (10% Chance when Hit)
An abhorrent curse that calls down a virulent plague to spread among your foes.
3 Second Skill Recharge
6 Second Duration
4-9% Reduction to Enemy's Health
29 Bleeding Damage per Second

Required Player Level: 40
Required Cunning: 188
Required Spirit: 236
Item Level: 40

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