Stonefist Rebuke is a Legendary two-handed mace.


Stonefist Rebuke Icon

Stonefist Rebuke

Legendary Two-Handed Mace
122-435 Physical Damage
Speed: Very Slow

30-54 Physical Damage
+118% Physical Damage
+118% Internal Trauma Damage
90 Reduced target's Defensive Ability for 5 Seconds
+35 Defensive Ability
12% Physical Resistance
+2 to all skills in Soldier

Granted Skills

Rebuke (Granted by Item)
Crush your foe with a devastating blow worthy of a giant.
52 Energy Cost
10 Second Skill Recharge
1 Target Maximum
500% Weapon Damage
Knockdown target for 2 Seconds
125 Reduced target's Defensive Ability for 5 Seconds

Required Player Level: 50
Required Physique: 457
Item Level: 50

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