The Smuggler is an NPC who looks after the player's stash, and is identified by a treasure chest icon above his head. The Smuggler provides additional inventory space, and can store items as well transfer them between characters.

The Smuggler interface has 2 windows:

  • The Item Stash is an extension of a character's inventory and can be used to store items which aren't immediately needed by the character. Items stored in the Item Stash can be accessed from any Smuggler in the game.
  • The Item Transfer area is an inventory space which makes items available to all a player's characters. This area can be used to transfer items between characters or to simply store items you might want to use with future characters.


  • Devil's Crossing: The smuggler Carlile can be found on the western end of the upper level of the prison.
  • Homestead: The smuggler Harry is located inside, by the eastern door.
  • Fort Ikon: The smuggler Ogvald is located right outside the bounty table room, next to the other NPCs.