Service Beyond Death
Death's Vigil Quest Icon
Quest Info

Given by:

The Keeper of Tomes


Bastion of the Order


Order of Death's Vigil


side quest


The Sacred Ashes


The Search for Uroboruuk


Service Beyond Death is a side quest offered by The Keeper of Tomes in the Bastion of the Order, after completing The Sacred Ashes and gaining Respected faction reputation with the order.

Now that the Order has everything necessary to undertake the resurrection of Malkadarr, the ritual can begin.


  • Assist in the resurrection of Malkadarr
  • Speak to the Keeper of Tomes


Initiating the quest unlocks the Chamber of Souls, the sealed section of the Bastion of the Order. On entering the area and speaking to the npc within, several waves of undead will appear which the player will need to defeat. This includes the shade of Noveria Stormfire, previously slain in the A Catalyst quest.

After the last wave the ritual will come to an end and Malkadarr will appear outside the Chamber. Speak to the Keeper of Tomes for the reward.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 15000 43000 79000
Death's Vigil
Item Random Epic Weapon

The Keeper will then offer the next quest, The Search for Uroboruuk, once the player has reached Honored faction staus with the Order.

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
You have gathered all the necessary materials for Malkadarr's resurrection. Often times, malignant spirits will gather around such a ritual, making it dangerous for the participants, so the Keeper of Tomes wishes for you to watch over the ritual at Sorrow's Bastion while the necromancers perform the Rite of Resurrection.


  • Assist in the resurrection of Malkadarr
The ritual was a success and Malkadarr walks Cairn once again. Speak to the Keeper of Tomes at Sorrow's Bastion of your success.


  • Speak to the Keeper of Tomes

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