Securing Burrwitch
Securing Burrwitch
Quest Info

Given by:

Captain John Bourbon


Devil's Crossing




Main Quest


Helping Out


The Warden



This is an Act 1 quest offered by Captain John Bourbon after completing the Helping Out quest.


The dead are concentrated heavily in Burrwitch Village and Bourbon wants to investigate further to find out why. He asks you to capture the riftgate in order to secure a foothold in the area.


  • Secure the Portal in Burrwitch Village
  • Slay all Aetherials swarming around the Burrwitch Riftgate
  • Report back to John Bourbon


Make your way through the Burrwitch Outskirts until you come to the Burrwitch Village entrance; the Riftgate can be easily found just inside. Before you can activate it however, you must face 3 waves of monsters which will spawn around the riftgate, each group larger than the last. When you have defeated the final wave, the riftgate will be secure.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 350 22000 54000

Bourbon will then offer the next main quest, The Warden.

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Reconaissance data from John Bourbon's scouts indicates that Burrwitch must be critical to Aetherial operations in the area.

Perhaps the mastermind behind all this tragedy is hiding somewhere in the village. Before you can search for it, however, you must secure a means of entry.

Find a riftgate within Burrwitch and secure it for the Survivors. Burrwitch is located to the north of Devil's Crossing, past Wightmire.


  • Secure the Portal in Burrwitch Village
The Burrwitch Riftgate is surrounded by Aetherials. You will need to clear them out before you can secure it.


  • Slay all Aetherials swarming around the Burrwitch Riftgate
With the Burrwitch riftgate secure, return to Captain John Bourbon in Devil's Crossing for further instructions.


  • Report back to John Bourbon

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