Scourge is a Mythical Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Scourge Relic Icon


"I fear not the reaper, for I am death incarnate."
Mythical Relic

+65% Cold Damage
+65% Vitality Damage
5% of Attack Damage converted to Health
+4% Physique
+4% Spirit
50% Chance of 724-990 Cold Retaliation
+20% Damage to Undead

Granted Skills

Scourge Strike (Granted by Item)
Strike at your enemies with a chilling blow that cuts to their very core with death's chill, returning some of the stolen vitality to you. Requires a melee weapon.
42 Energy Cost
4 Second Skill Recharge
45 Degree Attack Arck
3 Target Maximum
+200% Weapon Damage
85-176 Cold Damage
15% of Attack Damage converted to Health
33% Chance of Freeze target for 1.5 Seconds
50% Physical Damage converted to Cold Damage

Required Player Level: 60
Item Level: 60

Completion BonusesEdit

+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Spirit
+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+3% Offensive Ability
+30% Physical Damage
+25% Pierce Damage
+30% Fire Damage
+30% Cold Damage
+30% Lightning Damage
+30% Acid Damage
+30% Vitality Damage
+30% Aether Damage
+30% Chaos Damage
+35% Bleeding Damage
+35% Poison Damage
+35% Internal Trauma Damage
+35% Burn Damage
+35% Frostburn Damage
+35% Electrocute Damage
+35% Vitality Decay Damage
+12% Damage to Aetherials
+12% Damage to Chthonics
+12% Damage to Humans
+12% Damage to Beastkin
+12% Damage to Beasts
+12% Damage to Undead

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