Salazar, Blade of Ch'thon, is a unique Boss found in the Depraved Sanctuary. He is accompanied by Salazar's Harbinger.

He has a chance to drop Salazar's Sovereign Blade, a rare Monster Infrequent item.

Family: Human
Genus: Bloodsworn


  • 30 to 357 Chaos Damage
  • 8 to 207 Poison Damage
  • 18% Chance of 30 to 256 Vitality Retaliation


3 Projectiles
12-18 to 292-382 Chaos Damage
3-7% Reduction to Enemy's Health
  • 8 to 208 Reduced Defensive Ability for 3 seconds

Resistance Edit

  • 500% Reduced Knockdown Duration
  • 32-38% Fire and Chaos Resistance
  • 10% Pierce Resistance
  • 12-14% Deflect Projectile

Notable Drops Edit

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