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The Rhowari, or Rovers as they are commonly called, are a group of people without a permanent home. To them, the open road is the only home they will ever need, traveling the world of Cairn in a lifelong pilgrimage to cleanse themselves of worldly temptations and the corruption of civilization. Much of their history had been lost to the ages, and most cultures consider them to be little more than vagrants and petty thieves.

Rovers abhor violence, and will try to avoid it at any cost, which has often led to abuse at the hands of more violent individuals.

The Rovers are an allied Faction within Grim Dawn.

Headquarters: Old Arkovia

Reputation gained from:

  • killing Undead
  • Quests
  • Bounties




  1. Skeletal Knights
  2. Children of Arkovia
  3. Revenants
  4. Rolderathis
  5. Lord of Lost Souls
  6. The Oligarchs
  7. Cronley's Forges
  8. Shattered Soul
  9. Pest Control
  10. The Lost Oligarch
  11. Rixna Plaguefeather
  12. Mortallis
  13. Royal Jelly
  14. Ancient Heart
  15. Equilibrium
  16. Skeletal Golems
  17. Zarthuzellan
  18. Voldrak
  19. Grum
  20. Hive Royalty

Faction EquipmentEdit

Rhowari Oil Icon
Rhowari Oil
Wrath of the Beast Tincture Icon
Wrath of the Beast Tincture
Rhowari Gavel Icon
Rhowari Gavel
Rhowari Justice Icon Rhowari Justice
Rhowari Scorpion Icon Rhowari Scorpion
Rhowari Biletouch Icon
Rhowari Biletouch
Rhowari Chilltouch Icon
Rhowari Chilltouch
Rhowari Deathtouch Icon
Rhowari Deathtouch
Rhowari Winter Codex Icon Rhowari Winter Codex
Rhowari Void Codex Icon Rhowari Void Codex
Rhowari Sky Codex Icon Rhowari Sky Codex
Rhowari Cuirass Icon Rhowari Cuirass
Rhowari Vestments Icon Rhowari Vestments
Rhowari Shoulderguard Icon Rhowari Shoulderguard
Rhowari Mantle Icon Rhowari Mantle
Rhowari Grips Icon Rhowari Grips
Rhowari Handguards Icon Rhowari Handguards
Rhowari Footpads Icon Rhowari Footpads
Rhowari Greaves Icon Rhowari Greaves
Conjurer's Powder Icon
Conjurer's Powder
Blueprint 2 rare.tex Blueprint: Rhowari Cord /Waistguard/ Girdle
Blueprint 2 rare.tex Blueprint: Rhowari Spellweaver Codex
Blueprint 2 rare.tex Blueprint: Rhowari Arbalest
Arkovian Rose Powder Icon
Arkovian Rose Powder
Rotbloom Powder Icon
Rotbloom Powder
Slithweed Powder Icon
Slithweed Powder
Stormtail Viper Venom Icon
Stormtail Viper Venom
Arkovian Bonemeal Icon
Arkovian Bonemeal
Potent Arkovian Bonemeal Icon
Potent Arkovian Bonemeal
Troll Wart Powder Icon
Troll Wart Powder
Potent Troll Wart Powder Icon
Potent Troll Wart Powder
Winterbloom Powder Icon
Winterbloom Powder
Potent Winterbloom Powder Icon
Potent Winterbloom Powder
Rhowari Wrath Seal Icon
Rhowari Wrath Seal
Rhowari Void Seal Icon
Rhowari Void Seal
Rhowari Guardstone Icon
Rhowari Guardstone
Rhowari Lifecaller Icon
Rhowari Lifecaller
Rhowari Rancor Icon
Rhowari Rancor
Rhowan's Wisdom Icon
Rhowan's Wisdom
Mogdrogen's Sanctity Icon
Mogdrogen's Sanctity
Traveler's Boon Icon
Traveler's Boon
Breath of Life Icon
Breath of Life
Winter's Chill Icon
Winter's Chill
Rhowan's Resolve Icon
Rhowan's Resolve
Nature's Wrath Icon
Nature's Wrath
Spirit of Vengeance Icon
Spirit of Vengeance
Mogdrogen's Blessing Icon
Mogdrogen's Blessing
Writ of the Rovers
Mandate of the Rovers

The Black LegionDevil's CrossingHomesteadRoversThe Outcast
Kymon's ChosenOrder of Death's VigilAetherialsChthoniansCronley's GangUndead

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