Rotten Heart Complete "A long silenced heart shriveled with necromantic power."

Rotten Heart is a common component for use in Chest Armor, and is obtained primarily through crafting.

The Blueprint: Rotten Heart is available from the Devil's Crossing Faction Quartermaster after reaching Respected status.

Required player level: 24

Item level: 30

Stats Edit

1/3 +9% Chaos Damage
+9% Poison Damage
+6 Offensive Ability
25 Acid Retaliation
2/3 +17% Chaos Damage
+17% Poison Damage
+12 Offensive Ability
50 Acid Retaliation
3/3 +25% Chaos Damage
+25% Poison Damage
75 Acid Retaliation


Crafts one Aether Rotten Heart Component.

Aethercrystal.tex Aether Crystal (1)
Roiling Blood Complete Roiling Blood (1)
Frozen Heart Complete Frozen Heart (1)
Mutagenic Ichor Complete Mutagenic Ichor (1)

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