Brairthorn Horror

The Riftspawn family of creatures encompasses Rifthounds, Raptors, Thorned Horrors and Worms.

Riftspawn VariantsEdit



  • Carrion Raptor ~ Hatchling
  • Carrion Raptor ~ Hunter
  • Carrion Raptor ~ Screecher
  • Carrion Raptor ~ Viper Lord
  • Wind Raptor ~ Juvenile
  • Wind Raptor ~ Stalker
  • Wind Raptor ~ Assassin
  • Wind Raptor ~ Sky Lord

Thorned HorrorsEdit

  • Briarthorn Horror
  • Briarthorn Terror
  • Briarthorn Monstrosity


  • Deepdweller Grub
  • Earthbreaker Burrower
  • Earthbreaker Rotworm

Riftspawn HeroesEdit

Riftspawn BossesEdit

AetherialAether CorruptionArachnidBeastBeastkinChthonicEldritch

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