Rhowan's Crown
Rhowans Crown Constellation Icon
It is said that when Rhowan of Arkovia abdicated his throne, his crown and scepter were quickly lost, only to be found in the night sky the following day.

Affinity Required:

Ascendant Icon   4Eldritch Icon   6

Affinity Bonus:

Ascendant Icon   1
Eldritch Icon   1

Rhowan's Crown is a tier two Constellation, located at the bottom of the devotion window.


1 x Elemental Damage
+15% Elemental Damage
2 +20 Spirit
Bonus to All Pets: 20% Elemental Damage
3 18% Elemental Resistance
Bonus to All Pets: 10% Elemental Resistances
4 +20% Elemental Damage
+30% Frostburn/Burn/Electrocute Damage
5 Elemental Storm (25% on Attack)
Elemental Damage
Burn/Frostburn/Electrocute Damage
x Reduced target's Elemental Resistances for 2 seconds

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