Reinforced Shell Complete Icon "A nearly impervious shell that has absorbed countless blows."

Blade Ward (Granted by Item)
Empower your armor against piercing attacks, retaliating against your attackers in kind.

55 Energy Cost

24 Second Skill Recharge

8 Second Duration

24% Pierce Resistance

104 Piercing Retaliation

Reinforced Shell is a Common component for use in Shields.

This component can be acquired through crafting, available when the Blacksmith is unlocked.

Required player level: 15

Item level: 20

Grants Skill: Blade Ward (Granted by Item)

Base Stats Edit

1/4 +3 Physique
Increases Shield Block Chance by 2%
+5% Shield Damage Blocked
2/4 +5 Physique
Increases Shield Block Chance by 4%
+10% Shield Damage Blocked
3/4 +7 Physique
Increases Shield Block Chance by 6%
+16% Shield Damage Blocked
4/4 +10 Physique
Increases Shield Block Chance by 8%
+22% Shield Damage Blocked
Blade Ward (Granted by Item)

Blueprint Edit

Aether Crystal Icon Aether Crystal (1)
Battered Shell Complete Battered Shell (1)
Scavenged Plating Complete Scavenged Plating (1)
Reinforced Shell Complete Reinforced Shell (Partial component - 1/4)

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