Primal Instinct is a Mythical Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Primal Instinct Relic Icon

Primal Instinct

"Come forth, my minions. It is time to feast..."
Mythical Relic

+60 Physique
+4% Offensive Ability
+15 Health Regenerated per Second
+1 to All Skills in Shaman

Bonus to All Pets

+16% Health
+30% Attack Speed
995 Piercing Retaliation

Granted Skills

Swarm Mind (33% Chance on Attack)
The rhythmic pace of your never-ending strife calls forth a Swarmling to your aid.
2 Second Skill Recharge
6 Summon Limit
Swarmling Attributes
Lives for 25 Seconds
2360 Health
1779 Energy
Swarmling Abilities
62-128 Physical Damage
200 Fire Damage

Required Player Level: 70
Item Level: 70

Completion BonusesEdit

+1 to Torrent
+1 to Oak Skin
+1 to Oak Skin
+1 to Maelstrom
+1 to Tenacity of the Boar
+1 to Heart of the Wild
+1 to Entangling Vines
+1 to Tenacity of the Boar
+1 to Heart of the Wild
+1 to Storm Touched
+1 to Ground Slam
+1 to Storm Surge
+1 to Raging Tempest
+1 to Torrent
+1 to Blood Pact
+1 to Entangling Vines
+1 to Storm Touched
+1 to Emboldening Roar
+1 to Storm Surge
+1 to Blood Pact

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