Pride of the Jagged Waste
Quest Info

Given by:

Deathmark Vallar


Pine Barrens


The Black Legion


Side Quest




The Gloomweaver


XP, Iron, Rep

This is an Act 3 quest offered by Deathmark Vallar at the Black Legion camp in the Pine Barrens.


Deathmark Vallar is on an expedition to hunt for dangerous wildlife theatening Homestead. if you are willing to help, he will pay for the slaying of the manticore matriarch known as Mogara, the Prime Matriarch.


  • Slay Mogara in the Jagged Waste (0/1)
  • Return to Deathmark Vallar at his camp in the Pine Barrens.


Mogara can be found by exploring the Jagged Waste. She is surrounded by a pack of manticores, and it is best to draw them away and deal with them before taking on Mogara. After killing the beast, Return to Vallar for your reward.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 1000 36000 67000
Iron 1500 6000 13500
Black Legion

Vallar will then offer another quest, The Gloomweaver.

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Deathmark Vallar is leading a Black Legion expedition out in the Pine Barrens to track down and destroy grave threats to the people of Homestead. With his people stretched thin, he has offered to pay you for the death of a manticore matriarch known as Mogara. The Jagged Waste to the southwest of Vallar's camp is a hunting ground for manticores, so he recommends that you start your search there.


  • Slay Mogara in the Jagged Waste (0/1)
You have slain the manticore known as Mogara and should report back to Deathmark Vallar at his camp in the Pine Barrens.: Return to Deathmark Vallar at his camp in the Pine Barrens.


  • Return to Deathmark Vallar at his camp in the Pine Barrens.

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