This is a note that can be found as a random drop from breakable bookshelves.

When the first slith began to appear in the area known as Wightmire, it became clear that Oswald did not create just one slith. As his laboratory was never uncovered, officials could only guess as to the origin of the new species. The slith were incredibly invasive, easily dominating the local food chain and reproducing at an alarming rate.

As their numbers multiplied, the slith adapted a primitive tribal hierarchy, with certain members of their packs exhibiting clear authority over the rest. And, perhaps most alarmingly of all, shamanistic behavior was reported among the slith population, indicating a strong connection to the Aether and perhaps their unnatural origins.

All efforts to exterminate the slith proved fruitless, with the species simply returning at a new location from hidden nests and caverns. It is without a doubt that the actions of one arrogant individual will continue to reverberate across countless generations to come.

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