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Descent into Torment



This is an Act 2 side quest, offered by Balvoruuk in the ruins of Old Arkovia.


Balvoruuk, of the Order of Death's Vigil, is on a mission to purge Arkovia of the malevolent spirits corrupting the land, and asks for your assistance in dealing with those gathered in the Arkovian Undercity.


  • Slay Nomos Dred
  • Slay Laudos Vagra
  • Slay Rhovena Kur
  • Speak to Kalderos outside the Steps of Torment.


The entrance to the Arkovian Undercity can be found just to the west of Balvoruuk's location. With a little exploration Nomos Dred can be found on level 1, Laudos Vagra and Rhovena Kur on level 2.

Kilrian, the Tainted Soul can be found on level 3 but is not part of the quest.

After putting the three Oligarchs to rest, You will need to find Kalderos again, now located outside the entrance to the Steps of Torment. The entrance can be found in the southeast part of the Broken Hills area.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 4500 15000 35000

Kalderos will then offer you the Descent into Torment side quest.

Quest LogEdit

Quest log

Balvoruuk, a necromancer who sought you out in old Arkovia, has tasked you with eradicating the spirits of three Arkovian Oligarchs still roaming the ruins of the Arkovian Undercity. The Oligarchs were once known by these names: Nomos Dred, Laudos Vagra and Rhovena Kur.

If you destroy these vile spirits, then Kalderos, Balvoruuk's ghostly minion, will instruct you on what to do next. The Arkovian Undercity can be accessed through the ruins in the hills overlooking the Rocky Coast, in Old Arkovia.


  • Slay Nomos Dred
  • Slay Laudos Vagra
  • Slay Rhovena Kur
You have erased the spirits of the Oligarchs from this world. Speak to Balvoruuk's ghostly minion, Kalderos, outside of the Steps of Torment. The Steps of Torment can only be reached through the Broken Hills.


  • Speak to Kalderos outside of the Steps of Torment.

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