Nemesis is a Mythical Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Nemesis Relic Icon


"The moon as my guide, shadows my allies, I am the hunter..."
Mythical Relic

+25% Pierce Damage
+60% Cold Damage
+35 Cunning
+6% Total Speed
+20% Damage to Human
+1 to All Skills in Nightblade

Granted Skills

Summon Nemesis (Granted by Item)
Call forth Nemesis, demigod of the shadows and lord of the night hunt. You can only summon one manifestation of Nemesis at any one time. Nemesis scales with player damage bonuses.
250 Energy Cost
60 Second Skill Recharge
Nemesis Attributes
Nemesis Abilities
Innate Attributes
48-103 Physical Damage
68 Pierce Damage

Required Player Level: 60
Item Level: 60

Completion BonusesEdit

+1 to Heart Seeker
+1 to Devouring Blades
+1 to Circle of Slaughter
+1 to Shadow Dance
+1 to Devouring Blades
+1 to Pneumatic Burst
+1 to Nidalla's Justifiable Ends
+1 to Night's Chill
+1 to Shadow Dance
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
+1 to Night's Chill
+1 to Nether Edge
+1 to Nether Edge
+1 to Nightfall
+1 to Nightfall
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
+1 to Heart Seeker
+1 to Heart Seeker
+1 to Blade Trap
+1 to Lethal Assault

+1 to Heart Seeker

Crafting IngredientsEdit

Manticoreeye.tex Manticore Eye (3)
Sacrifice Relic Icon Sacrifice (1)
Slaughter Relic Icon Slaughter (1)
Bladesworn Talisman Relic Icon Bladesworn Talisman (1)
Mark of Illusions Completed Mark of Illusions (1)
Vicious Jawbone Completed Vicious Jawbone (1)
105,000 Iron Bits

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