"The sharp eye of an unmatched predator."

Manticore Eye is a rare crafting material. It can drop from the following monsters:

Note that the Eye (or any crafting material) will not drop at all if a character is too overleveled for the area being farmed.


Manticore Eyes are used in blueprints for the following items:

Deathchill Relic Icon Deathchill (x2)
Savage Relic Icon Savage (x2)
Slaughter Relic Icon Slaughter (x2)
Bladedancer's Talisman Relic Icon Bladedancer's Talisman (x2)
Marauder's Talisman Relic Icon Marauder's Talisman (x2)
Belgothian's Carnage Relic Icon Belgothian's Carnage (x3)
Eye of the Storm Relic Icon Eye of the Storm (x3)
Iskandra's Balance Relic Icon Iskandra's Balance (x3)
Nemesis Relic Icon Nemesis (x3)
Oblivion Relic Icon Oblivion (x3)
Primal Instinct Relic Icon Primal Instinct (x3)
Lapis Mantichora Icon Lapis Mantichora (x1)
Beastcaller's Cowl Icon Beastcaller's Cowl (x3)
Beronath, Reforged Icon Beronath, Reforged (x3)
Elixir of the Hunt Icon Elixir of the Hunt (x1)

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