Making a Stand
Kymon Quest Icon
Quest Info

Given by:

Brother Elluvius


Kymon's Sanctuary


Kymon's Chosen


Side quest


Prove Yourself to the Cause


Enemy of My Enemy


XP, Iron, Rep

Making a Stand is an Act 3 side quest offered by Brother Elluvius in Kymon's Sanctuary, after completing Prove Yourself to the Cause.


  • Kill Bolvar, the Bloodbinder
  • Return to Brother Elluvius


Bolvar, the Bloodbinder can be found in the central area of The Blood Grove near the prisoner cages. Defeat him and return to Brother Elluvius.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 11000 36000
Iron 1500 7500
Reputation +250

Brother Elluvius will then offer the Enemy of My Enemy quest.

Gallery Edit

Bolvar The Bloodbinder
Bolvar The Bloodbinder Map Location

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
The Cult of Ch'thon has been expanding its reach and their activities in Darkvale have been tolerated for too long. One of the cult's more prominent members, Bolvar the Bloodbinder has been spotted to the north, in Blood Grove. Father Kymon wishes him eliminated as the vermin he is. End his life for the good of us all.


  • Kill Bolvar, the Bloodbinder
You have slain the heretic and the Cult has lost a prominent member. Report back to Brother Elluvius at Sorrow's Bastion.


  • Return to Brother Elluvius

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