Light of Empyrion
Light of Empyrion Constellation Icon
Empyrion, the greatest among the gods, is the light of the world and protector of all of Cairn. It is by his mercy and example that the sun greets mankind each day.

Affinity Required:

Order Icon   8Primordial Icon   18

Affinity Bonus:

Light of Empyrion is a tier three Constellation, located in the top right part of the devotion window.


1 15% Elemental Resistance
Bonus to All Pets: Increases Current Elemental Resistance by 10%
2 +40% Fire Damage
+10% Damage to Chthonics
3 15% Elemental Resistance
Bonus to All Pets: 15% Elemental Resistance
4 20% Vitality Resistance
Bonus to All Pets: 20% Vitality Resistance
5 20% Aether Resistance
20% Chaos Resistance
Pet Bonus: 15% Aether Resistance, 15% Chaos Resistance
6 x Fire Damage
+3% Maximum Aether Resistance
+3% Maximum Chaos Resistance
Pet Bonus: +5% Maximum All Resistances
7 Light of Empyrion (20% when Hit by Melee Attacks)
% Main Hand Damage
Fire Damage
Burn Damage
% Chance to Confuse Target for 3 Seconds
x Reduces targets Armor for y Seconds
+50% Damage to Undead
+50% Damage to Chthonics

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