Kymon's Secret
Kymon Quest Icon
Quest Info

Given by:

Father Kymon


Kymon's Sanctuary


Kymon's Chosen


Side quest


Braving the Void
Honored Faction Status


A Pledge to Cairn


XP, Reputation, Item

Kymon's Secret is a side quest offered by Father Kymon in Kymon's Sanctuary, after completing Braving the Void and gaining Honored Faction status.


Father Kymon seeks a powerful relic, hidden behind a false wall in the Tomb of Korvaak, and asks you to obtain it for him.


  • Search for the Eye of Korvaak (0/1)
  • Return to Father Kymon


Loose Torch

Loose Torch

The Tomb of Korvaak is located to the South-east of the Asterkarn Valley Rift. At the end of the dungeon, in the final room with 4 sarcophagi and the Ghoul boss, there is a Loose Torch on a wall which will open a secret door. At the end of the secret area can be encountered the boss creature Sharanatu, Harbinger of the Void, who will drop the Eye of Korvaak.

Completing the quest unlocks the Iron Gate to Kymon's Study, where two notes can be found, as well as The Messenger, an NPC who can be interacted with.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 16000 44500 82000
Reputation +2000 +3000 +2000
Item 2 Random Rare Partial Components

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Father Kymon has a special task he has entrusted only to you. Within the Asterkarn Mountain, north of Darkvale, there is a tomb which houses a powerful relic known as the Eye of Korvaak. Father Kymon wishes you to recover the relic as it will please Empyrion. The Eye is said to be a lens into a man's soul, allowing Kymon to peer into the hearts of his followers and tell the truly devout apart from the false. The Eye is hidden from mortal hands behind a false wall. Look for a torch that has lost its flame. Should you recover the Eye, Kymon will entrust you with his innermost secrets and allow you to enter his study.


  • Search for the Eye of Korvaak (0/1)
  • Return to Father Kymon

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