This note is found in the Kymon's Study area of Kymon's Sanctuary.

The Messenger is harsh to deal with. With each exchange I feel drained as though my life were being drawn into a deep well. Everything appears darker and father away as if seen though a long tunnel. A lesser man without the years of Inquisitor mental training would be consumed.

Even as I write this, I can sense its energy rippling through the room. I can feel it like worms twitching below my skin. It burrows and pulls, urging me to get closer. I dread to think of what would become of any of my Chosen should they get too close to this entity. What would remain, I cannot say, but I suspect the Messenger would shuck the mind and claim the body for its own.

I fear there are none who would understand or survive this secret. I alone must shoulder this burden and so I will steel myself and endure. I have taken on a great risk, but the fate of the world hinges on the success of The Chosen and the pact that I have made.

Father Kymon

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