Korvoran's Chestguard is a Legendary Chest Armor.


Korvoran's Chestguard Icon

Korvoran's Chestguard

"Korvoran was a legendary Nightblade reknown for his deadly accuracy with throwing knives, which he was able to procure even when his belt was seemingly devoid of blades."
Legendary Chest Armor
908 Armor

7 Pierce Damage
+37% Pierce Damage
+50% Bleeding Damage
+5% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
+30% Pierce Resistance
+3 to Phantasmal Blades
+2 to Heart Seeker

Granted Skills

Blade of Korvoran (100% Chance when Hit)
Throw a blade hidden within your jacket.
0.2 Second Skill Recharge
100% Chance to pass through enemies
20% Weapon damage
32-105 Piercing Damage
110 Bleeding Damage over 2 Seconds

Required Player Level: 75
Required Physique: 618
Item Level: 75

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