Julius Cole
Julius Cole


Twin Falls








None or Devil's Crossing if rescued.

Gives Quest(s):


Julius Cole is an NPC located in Twin Falls who, along with Helen Fletcher, can be rescued and brought to Devil's Crossing.

In order to rescue Julius a player needs to offer him the 300 Iron bits bribe during their conversation with him. Conversing with Helen after a player has paid the bribe will cause her to express regret for swindling the player. At this point the player can either take mercy on the couple and offer them safe passage to Devil's Crossing or engage and kill them.

History Edit

After choosing to rescue Julius and Helen, the player is not granted any quest, experience, nor reputation. However, the player may now learn of their history back in Devil's Crossing.

Conversation with Julius will reveal that prior to the Grim Dawn he was nothing more than a homeless pickpocket. He discovered Helen out in the world and rescued her from a group of Grobles. Together the couple began swindling passersby to make enough iron to get by.

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