Journal of Inquisitor Creed - 2nd Entry is a note found inside a house in Lower Crossing.

As I was packing to resume my journey to Burrwitch, my assistance was urgently requested at a logging camp in the Old Grove west of Devil's Crossing, where strange animal attacks have left three lumbermen listless and pale.

Upon arriving, I received a somber greeting from the foreman who informed me that the bitten workers had gone mad and fled the premises. They were reported to have spoken in an unknown tongue. The foreman showed me the remains of the animals. Two gray foxes and a hound, suffering some sort of horrific mange, lay in a hastily dug pit behind the outhouse. The foreman told me the animals suddenly died when confronted by the workers and a strange green vapor emanated from their remains. Shortly afterward, the three lumbermen fell ill and their mental state rapidly deteriorated. It appears that my presence in this region is most warranted.

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