Illgorr, the Eternal is a unique Boss creature that can be found in the fourth level of The Steps of Torment : Suffering.

The Boss fight is divided in two stages, Ilgorr must be killed a first time. Then he comes back and grow into a Skeletal Titan.

Family: Undead

Genus: Skeletal Golem

Abilities Edit

Stage 1 (Skeletal Gargantuan Form) Edit

  • Bone Prison
  • Double Strike
  • Torment
  • Rally
  • Summon Ghosts
  • Summon Revenant

Stage 2 (Skeletal Titan Form) Edit

  • Bone Wave
  • Ice Double Claw
  • Torment
  • Rally
  • Summon Ghosts
  • Spike Nova
  • Summon Revenant

Notable Drops Edit

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