Haunted Steel Complete "It fills your mind with the maddening whispers of trapped spirits."

Bloodthirster (Granted by Item)
Empower your attacks with vampiric energy.

58 Energy Cost

30 Second Skill Recharge

8 Second Duration

25% Chance of 216 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds

30% of Attack Damage converted to Health

20% Bleeding Resistance

Haunted Steel is a Rare component for use in Weapons, Shields and caster Off-Hands. It is obtained primarily through crafting.

The Blueprint: Haunted Steel is available from the Order of Death's Vigil Faction Quartermasters after reaching Respected status.

Required player level: 24

Item level: 30

Grants Skill: Bloodthirster (Granted by Item)

Stats Edit

1/4 2 Vitality Damage
+6% Vitality Damage
2% of Attack Damage converted to Health
2/4 4 Vitality Damage
+12% Vitality Damage
4% of Attack Damage converted to Health
3/4 6 Vitality Damage
+18% Vitality Damage
6% of Attack Damage converted to Health
4/4 8 Vitality Damage
+25% Vitality Damage
8% of Attack Damage converted to Health


Crafts one Haunted Steel Partial Component.

Chthonic Seal of Binding Icon Chthonic Seal of Binding (3)
Vengeful Wraith Completed Vengeful Wraith (1)
Chilled Steel Completed Chilled Steel (1)

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