Haunt is a Transcendent Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Haunt Relic Icon


"Ageless spirits, eager to escape into the world of the living."
Transcendent Relic

+40% Aether Damage
+15% Elemental Damage
30% Energy Absorption From Enemy Spells
7% Less Damage From Undead
+1 to All Skills in Arcanist

Granted Skills

Haunt (Granted by Item)
Invoke a summoning of tortured spirits that will haunt your enemies and chill their blood.
64 Energy Cost
8 Second Duration
4 Meter Radius
26-52 Cold Damage
34-48 Aether Damage
18% Chance for target to Fumble Attacks For 1 Second
18% Chance of Impaired Aim to target For 1 Second
-15% Vitality Resistance
-15% Aether Resistance
-30% Life Leech Resistance

Required Player Level: 35
Item Level: 35

Completion BonusesEdit

+1 to Distortion
+1 to Shattered Star
+1 to Star Pact
+1 to Overload
+1 to Inferno
+1 to Absolute Zero
+1 to Conversion
+1 to Supercharged
+1 to Proliferation
+1 to Disintegration
+1 to Frozen Core

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