This (second) Harbormaster's Log is a note found on a lectern inside a building at the Abandoned Waterfront.

Another boat arrived filled with hooded prisoners, dozens of 'em. As usual, a wagon was waiting for them but from what I hear, it doesn't take 'em far. One of the loading boys came back from Burrwitch after visiting that there new doctor and he said the wagon stopped outside the Warden's mansion. The lad asked 'bout the prisoners and one of the handlers said 'rehabilitation'. Not sure what to make of that.

There's been o'er a dozen of these prisoner transports in as many weeks. I just don't see how they can fit 'em all in that mansion. I don't care how big that place may be, Krieg won't be keeping a prison's worth of no good thieves under his roof. Somethin' peculiar is going on there and it don't settle right in my stomach. Might have to send word up the lake to Malmouth, get one o' them inquisitors down here to look into this curiosity. Can't say I want one o' them inquisitors poking around here much either though. They make a man uneasy.

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