Gutworm, the Maneater is a unique boss creature that can be found in Smuggler's Basin.

Family: Beastkin
Genus: Dranghoul Enforcer

Abilities Edit

  • Defiant Roar (very large aoe stun)
  • Hooked Net
  • Gut Slice
  • Impale
  • Charge

Resistances Edit

  • 20% Chaos Resistance
  • 20% Cold Resistance
  • 40% Fire Resistance
  • 500% Reduced Freeze Duration
  • 500% Reduced Knockdown Duration
  • 35% Vitality Resistance
  • 20% Physical Resistance
  • 50% Pierce Resistance
  • 20% Poison & Acid Resistance

Old Notes Edit

His level scales with the player's level up to level 44, thus making him a fairly difficult boss.

He guards a single chest (Supreme) that you cannot open until you have defeated him.

Tips: Even if you die he will not regenerate all of his health, so you can wear him down if you don't mind dying a few times.

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