Guile is an Empowered Relic.

This item can be only acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.


Guile Relic Icon


"Subtlety and wit over brute force and muscle."
Empowered Relic

5 Piercing Damage
+10% Pierce Damage
+4% Cunning
+2% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks

Granted Skills

Guile (Granted by Item)
Your cunning intellect inspires your allies to betterpredict your enemy's actions and to land devastating blows. This ability must be toggled to maintain it's effect.
50 Energy Cost
1 Active Energy Cost per Second
+100 Energy Reserved
15 Second Skill Recharge
15 Meter Radius
4-11 Physical Damage
5% Chance of +30% Physical Damage
2% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks

Required Player Level: 25
Item Level: 28

Completion BonusesEdit

+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Spirit
+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+10% Physical Damage
+8% Pierce Damage
+10% Fire Damage
+10% Cold Damage
+10% Lightning Damage
+10% Acid Damage
+10% Vitality Damage
+5% Aether Damage
+10% Chaos Damage
+10% Bleeding Damage
+13% Poison Damage
+13% Internal Trauma Damage
+13% Burn Damage
+13% Frostburn Damage
+13% Electrocute Damage
+13% Vitality Decay Damage
+3% Offensive Ability

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