This item is an Epic Shoulder Armor.


Grenadier Shoulderguard Icon

Grenadier Shoulderguard

"Seared and shredded by shrapnel, this shoulderguard nevertheless retains much of its protective qualities."
Epic Heavy Shoulder Armor
285 Armor

+15% Fire Damage
+27% Burn Damage
+25 Cunning
+2 to Grenado
+1 to Canister Bomb

Granted Skills

Canister Bomb (5% Chance when Hit)
An explosive packed with more explosives, this devlish contraption is capable of laying waste to an entire field of enemies.
8 Second Skill Recharge
4.5 Meter Radius
5-7 Fragments
15-30 Piercing Damage
40 Fire Damage
60 Burn Damage over 3 Seconds

Required Player Level: 33
Required Physique: 304
Item Level: 30

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