This note is found as a random drop from the various Ancient Lecterns inside Arkovian Undercity, as well as the one outside the Old Arkovia entrance.

A woman, her face a mix of woe and desperation, came to my home this morning. I have to admit, I thought her fervent knocking marked the end of my freedom. I dreaded opening that door but there she was, covered in tears, a small bundle in her arms.

She begged me to help, that the gods had turned away from her in her greatest time of need. With a shaking hand I uncovered the bundle to reveal the motionless face of her infant child. It was dead for no more than a day at most. Her pleading eyes locked into mine, but I could not do what she asked of me. With great sorrow, I turned her away.

Had I done as she had asked, the child would become a monster, an abomination not fit for this world. There are some things even man, in our endless arrogance, cannot...should not interfere with.

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