Exterminus is a Legendary Pistol.


Exterminus Icon


"Exterminate, eviscerate, annihilate."
Legendary One-Handed Ranged
55-72 Physical Damage
20% Armor Piercing
Speed: Average

9-15 Chaos Damage
+75% Fire Damage
+75% Chaos Damage
+75% Burn Damage
15% Physical Damage converted to Chaos Damage
+10% Attack Speed
+3 to Brimstone
+2 to Explosive Strike
+1 to all skills in Occultist

Granted Skills

Darkflame (15% Chance on Attack)
Mark your foe with a dark flame that weakens their resolve.
4 Second Skill Recharge
5 Second Duration
6 Meter Radius
-20% Fire Resistance
-20% Chaos Resistance

Required Player Level: 65
Required Cunning: 397
Item Level: 65

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