Doomtouch is an Epic Hand Armor.


Doomtouch Icon


Epic Gloves
414 Armor

+20% Aether Damage
+28% Chaos Damage
+18 Offensive Ability
+17% Casting Speed
12% Elemental Resistance
+2 to Doom Bolt
+2 to Albrecht's Aether Ray

Granted Skills

Doom Bolt (5% Chance on Attack)
A bolt of entropic power tears through the fabric of reality to inflict massive damage on any foe it strikes.
5 Second Skill Recharge
1.5 Meter Target Area
772 Vitality Damage
362 Chaos Damage
6-18% Reduction to Enemy's Health

Required Player Level: 58
Required Physique: 281
Item Level: 58

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