For the enemy faction, see Chthonians.

Ch'thonic creatures are a monster class in Grim Dawn. they are otherworldly in origin and are essentially demonic entities.



  • Chthonian Harbinger
  • Chthonian Bloodletter
  • Chthonian Blightbringer
  • Charn'Daroth
  • Elnar'Daroth
  • Fos'Daroth
  • Ordran'Daroth
  • Pulv'Daroth
  • Maga'Lugal ~ Defender
  • Sharanatu ~ Shielded

Chthonian FiendEdit

  • Void Fiend
  • Void Anomaly
  • Void Abomination
  • Innugaru, Horror of the Void
  • Hiln'Raz, the Dark Omen
  • Sen'Thel Voidbringer
  • Nii'Thel ~ Bruiser
  • Gurgoth'Siin ~ Burning

Chthonian DevourerEdit

  • Nur'Garu, Jaws of Oblivion
  • Sargo'Din, the Hunering Maw
  • Narl'Maash, the Engorged
  • Nye'Kazul, the Maw of Fire
  • Waban'Ak, the Sparkmaw

Obsidian DefilerEdit

  • Obsidian Shaleborn
  • Obsidian Defiler
  • Obsidian Ravager
  • Obsidius, the Titan
  • Ch'thallis, the Usurper
  • Kelphat'Idoth ~ Electrified
  • Orudin'Idoth ~ Frozen
  • Drygol'Ukog ~ Charger


  • Loghorrean,the Voice of Ch`thon
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