Brawler's Gloves are an Epic Hand Armor.


Brawler's Gloves Icon

Brawler's Gloves

Epic Gloves
208 Armor

+18% Physical Damage
+45% Internal Trauma Damage
+45% Bleeding Damage
10% Chance of Disrupt target's skills for 1.5 Seconds
+44 Offensive Ability
20% Reduced Stun Duration

Granted Skills

Knockout (Granted by Item)
Take your opponent out of the fight with a swift and precise strike. Activates off default melee weapon attacks
8% Chance to be Used
200% Weapon Damage
444 Bleeding Damage Over 3 Seconds
Knockdown target for 0.6 Seconds

Required Player Level: 41
Required Physique: 191
Item Level: 40

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